Godzilla Finally Blasting His Blu-ray in the U.S.

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As it currently stands, only two Godzilla flicks have been released domestically on Blu-ray: the original 1954 classic and the 1998 Americanized flop. That’s about to change with the news that two timeless King of the Monsters movies are on their way to Blu-ray.

SciFi Japan broke the news previously that Media Blasters has struck a deal with Toho for the US DVD and Blu-ray rights to two of the most popular of all the old school Godzilla movies.

Hard as it might be to believe, especially given countless VHS copies were released back during the period it briefly slipped into public domain, Godzilla vs. Megalon has never seen the light of day on DVD (not counting unlicensed poor quality bootlegs). Not only is this groovy Zilla movie about to finally get its long overdue DVD release, SciFi Japan has confirmed November 29th date as the day it gets a dual release in Blu-ray format as well.

Head over to SciFi Japan to read an interview with Media Blasters’ Managing Director Carl Morano for all the gory details as to why it has taken this long for this ludicrous Godzilla entry that sees everyone’s favorite giant Japanese monster tag team with a grinning giant robot to save the planet from the underground kingdom of Seatopia when they send a bipedal beetle-roach with drill hands and a giant cyborg space chicken with hook hands and a buzzsaw built into its belly to destroy us for all our nuclear bomb testing.

Media Blasters will also re-release the all-star daikaiju battle royal Destroy All Monsters on both DVD and Blu-ray format. No release date yet – next year most likely.

Media Blasters are still hammering out all the final details, such as will the movies be dubbed, in Japanese with English subbed, what extras will be included, etc. Morano did confirm in that interview they have access to both 35mm and Toho’s HD restorations of both films, and that they plan to include some “interesting extras”. We’ll bring you that news when it is announced.

Lifelong Godzilla fans like me can only hope this leads to more appearances of the King of the Monsters on Blu-ray.

Godzilla Finally Blasting His Blu-ray in the U.S.

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