A Clip from the Sundance Channel’s Love Lust: The Undead

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From the foods we love to eat to the mythical creatures that love to eat us, Sundance Channel’s “Love Lust” is taking on our guiltiest pleasures this summer, including the undead (vampires, zombies, etc.), the paranormal, and secret societies. Today we have a clip to share from the upcoming June 28th episode “The Undead”.

Airing Tuesday nights at 10 pm ET/PT, each hour-long episode of “Love Lust” provides a definitive and entertaining account of how life’s cultural innovations progress from novelty to ubiquity.

“THE UNDEAD” – Tuesday, June 28th at 10pm
The Undead have risen, and they’ve taken over popular culture. Far from being a recent phenomenon, vampires and zombies have haunted us for centuries, evolving to fit the challenges of each culture and era. Simultaneously bewitching, repelling, seductive, and terrifying, these blood-suckers and brain-eaters embody both society’s greatest fears and its secret, carnal desires. “LOVE LUST: THE UNDEAD” looks at how every generation defines itself with monsters, from Dracula to Twilight and from Vlad the Impaler to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

A Clip from the Sundance Channel's Love Lust: The Undead

Future installments that might also be of interest to horror hounds include the following:

“SECRET SOCIETIES” – Tuesday, July 5th at 10pm
It takes more than a secret handshake to crack the world’s most secret societies. Shrouded in mystery and cloaked by riddles, these hidden groups fascinate us, making our imaginations run wild with conspiracy theories both far-fetched and tantalizingly real. From their cryptic origins to their secluded initiation ceremonies, our thirst for information about secret societies is a witch hunt to last the ages. And just why are they so secretive anyway … Is their goal a fun diversion or total world domination? Whether it’s The Da Vinci Code, The Godfather, or an episode of “The Simpsons,” the media have stoked the fires so much that now it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. “LOVE LUST: SECRET SOCIETIES” separates truth from rumor and give viewers an insider’s look at the most captivating mysteries of past and present.

“THE PARANORMAL” – Tuesday, July 12th at 10pm
From sightings of UFOs to mysterious ghostly apparitions and unexplained psychic phenomena, all over the world, regardless of the country, culture, or era, the paranormal has always had some degree of prominence in the public psyche. Sundance Channel’s “LOVE LUST: THE PARANORMAL” explores the deepest hopes, fears, and desires fueling our fascination with the paranormal. Our experts look through history to find a wide range of strange phenomena, revealing the people behind the stories and examine how UFOs, ghosts, and the occult have found their way from underground subcultures to the mainstream as well as where the future of the paranormal might be headed.

For more info visit the official Sundance Channel website.

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