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Mondo Opening the Gates to Hell With Huge Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Celebration



Mondo has revealed their plans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Clive Barker’s iconic film Hellraiser by doing a series of exciting events that will include new merch and a special screening of the movie, per Empire.

First off, a re-release of Christopher Young’s score will be coming out on vinyl (re-mixed and re-mastered, of course) with new artwork based on a brand new print the collective will also be releasing, done by Matt Ryan Tobin. Speaking about the artwork to the site, Tobin explains, “We’ve seen a lot of interpretations of Pinhead in art looking malicious and evil. I wanted to focus on the cold and somber aspect of Pinhead; emotionless and almost sad. As much as he is a delegate for the Cenobites, he’s also very much a prisoner; chained down by the very chains he uses to collect and destroy souls. I really wanted the artwork to reflect this.

There will also be a 35mm screening of the film at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on September 25th. This marks a special “full circle” situation as this theater was where the film had its first screening in 1987. Each person who buys a ticket will get a copy of Tobin’s print and they will be able to buy the soundtrack in the lobby.

Lastly, Arrow Video will be putting out a steelbook Blu-ray of the film using Tobin’s artwork with a release date of October 23rd.

Images of everything can be seen below and pricing can be found here.




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