Polish Zombies Run Amok in Wataha

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Oh, the room to make jokes here. We’ll contain ourselves and play it straight. Polish zombies, though … sigh. So hard … must refrain … Okay. Better. Read on for the first details and teaser trailer and art for the latest undead fest, Wataha.

Wataha, comes to us from director Victor Kiełczykowskiego, and it stars Jacek Dewódzki, Robert Wrzosek, Piotr Mocarski, Anna Jażdżyk, Marta Łącka, Robert Oleszczuk, and Agata Nizińska.

In the near future the world as we know it is on the decline, dominated by the so-called “transformed”. Four survivors of an army squadron under the leadership of the “Colonel” (Jacek Dewódzki) cross Europe from West to East in search of a place safe from the plague. In the middle of a big forest that stretches for miles, their transport breaks down. Deciding to wait it out the night, they take refuge in an old abandoned hotel where a family is hiding. Unbeknownst to the Colonel, his men have a plan, which they intend to implement that very night.

Polish Zombies Run Amok in Wataha

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