Teaser Trailer Drops for They Can’t Scream

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We have right here in our grubby little hands the teaser trailer for the Argentinean shock-horror mockumentary They Can’t Scream. A trailer which proves, oh yes they can – and they do.

Don’t expect a lot of story or any clues in this teaser. This trailer is specifically designed to give you a taste for how much splatter and brutality you are going to see.

Check out the goods below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

The story is about a young biologist who travels with a few colleagues to the Amazonian rainforest in search of medicinal herbs for their research works. With the help of a local guide, they get into the rainforest on a ship. During the voyage, the scientist’s party finds some people practicing zoophilia to a freshwater dolphin, known as ‘boto cor de rosa’. The scientists, horrified at the situation, try to stop the act, without imagining that their lives are hanging by a thread.

Teaser Trailer Drops for They Can't Scream

Teaser Trailer Drops for They Can't Scream

Teaser Trailer Drops for They Can't Scream

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  • Musa_Jutt

    can you provide us the downloading link or where i can watch it online..??? if possible than e-mail me…

  • GratwickFilms

    Original in every way? As long as you never heard of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ or the thousand copies of that movie then, sure these guys came up with the “based on a true story” “eductional/scientist/documentary group gets slaughtered during an amazon excursion” concept completely on their own.

    • Uncle Creepy

      You wanna know the sickest thing? I read the above comments and was like “Who said this flick was original in every way?”

      So I watch the trailer and there’s the quote in the very beginning … from “ME”. Yes, “ME”. For the life of me I do not ever remember saying or even writing this. Especially since it barely even makes sense. (see trailer to see what I mean).

      The quote which they have attributed to “ME” (which I had NO idea was even there, BTW) isn’t even something the “I” said or wrote. It’s pulled from THEIR OWN press release which I originally covered here:


      They put “MY” name on something THEY WROTE just because I covered it. Wow. That’s really just fucked. Holy shit. I’m just blown away. *shakes head*

      • Chernobyl Kinsman

        Best bet is to never reprint press releases I guess =(

        Bunch of arseholes!