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Charles Band, the man behind the prolific B-movie machine Full Moon Entertainment (which over the years has churned out scores of genre features including the Puppetmaster, Subspecies, Trancers and Demonic Toys franchises, among dozens of others) is set to roll next week on the feature Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt. Read on for a synopsis, casting news and more!

 Killer Eye 2: Halloween HauntScheduled to shoot in Los Angeles, Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt will serve as a sequel to the Band-produced, David DeCoteau-directed 1999 film The Killer Eye. Written by August White and Kent Roudebush from a story by Charles Band, the film’s photography will be handled by Tom Calloway and Terrance Ryker is handling the splatter, as well as the delivery of the “replica-sized, horny monster that terrorizes a fun group of hot chicks, as they set up a Halloween haunt in an old mansion” (according to the flick’s official PR). Band will wear both directorial and producer caps.

As for the cast of Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt, actress Carlee Baker (The Woman, Wicked Lake) has been tapped to portray ‘Catalina’, a “brunette bombshell and full blown lesbian [with a] drop-dead body that would stop traffic coming and going, and who is always on the make, trying to convert women to her team”. Joining her will be Olivia Alexander (Book of 1000 Deaths) as the sexy and gold-digging ‘Giselle’, Erica Rhodes (Plague Town) as the all-American girl-next-door ‘Jenna’ and newcomer Chelsea Leigh Edmundson as the Bettie Page-esque gothabilly girl ‘Rocky’.

Full Moon is eyeing the fitting month of October of 2011 to release Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt to the home video market, and Dread will be on-set for principal photography, so stay tuned for exclusive coverage from the production soon.

In the interim dig on the official Full Moon website, check them out on the Full Moon Facebook page and follow Full Moon on Twitter.

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Sean Decker

  • James Coker

    so its going to be a Halloweenesque, Tentacle Monster,Softcore Horror film with Splatter and Gore…COUNT ME IN 🙂