Piranhaconda Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Video Surface

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Will Piranhaconda be the next Sharktopus? Syfy and producer Roger Corman certainly hope their newest monstrous hybrid takes the world by storm later this year. Some behind-the-scenes images and video have slithered their way to the surface.

Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter star in this Jim Wynorski-directed Syfy creature feature about a half-piranha/half-anaconda monster on the loose in Hawaii.

You’ll find more behind-the-scenes photos like the ones below of the Piranhaconda (at least its head), gory victims, and co-star Diane Terranova in a bikini on display at the Piranhaconda Facebook page.

Courtesy of YouTube, you can also watch a short behind-the-scenes video with the lovely Miss Terranova, director Wynorski, and other members of the cast and crew talking up Piranhaconda.

Sorry, no footage of the monster in action yet. But with talk of an October Syfy premiere date, expect to see a trailer for this horrific half-breed soon.

Piranhaconda Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Video Surface

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  • matzy

    I want that poster!

  • Vanvance1

    The formula for these films is beyond stale.

    I’d rather watch something like ‘Slither’ all over again than sit through a SyFy passion/talent free CGI monsterfest.

  • nonserviam03

    It makes me really happy to see a giant puppet of the monster. Yay.