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Drink Up Another Sweet Preview of American Horror Story: Cult; Season Synopsis Possibly Leaked



We have a couple of items for you today for the upcoming “American Horror Story: Cult.”  First is a new teaser (after all, we can’t go more than 24 hours between these, can we?) along with a potential spoiler-filled synopsis for the season that was leaked by a Fox station in the Netherlands.

Here’s the leak from Foxtv.nl courtesy of HelloGiggles.com:

American Horror Story 7 speelt zich af in de voorsteden van het hedendaagse Detroit met Sarah Paulson in de hoofdrol als een New Yorkse die getraumatiseerd is geraakt door de aanslagen op 11 september. Ze heeft drie fnuikende fobieën opgelopen; trypofobie, een angst voor onregelmatige patronen in objecten met gaatjes of bobbeltjes; coulrofobie, een angst voor clowns; en hemofobie, een irrationele angst voor bloed.

Here’s the (loose) translation:

American Horror Story Season 7 is set in the suburbs of modern-day Detroit with Sarah Paulson in the lead role as a New Yorker traumatized by the September 11 attacks. She has three crippling phobias: trypophobia, a fear of irregular patterns in objects with holes or bumps; coulrophobia, a fear of clowns; and hemophobia, an irrational fear of blood.

Given the teaser art and videos that we’ve seen so far, this sounds pretty accurate.  We’ll find out for sure when “American Horror Story: Cult” debuts on September 5th.


Returning stars include Sarah Paulson (as Ally Mayfair-Richards), Evan Peters (as Kai), Frances Conroy, Mare Winningham, Cheyenne Jackson (as Dr. Rudy Vincent), Emma Roberts, Adina Porter (as Beverly Hope), and Chaz Bono. The newcomers announced so far are Lena Dunham, Billy Eichner (as Harrison Wilton), Billie Lourd (as Winter Anderson), Alison Pill (as Ivy Mayfair-Richards), Colton Haynes (as Detective Samuels), and Leslie Grossman (as Meadow Wilton).




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