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Exclusive: Feel the Loneliness and Fear in Desolation Planet



In 2006, writer/director Kevin Gates rocked the horror community with his feature film The Zombie Diaries. Since then, he’s released a sequel to that title as well as a couple of short films. Now Gates is getting ready to jump back into the feature film world with Desolation Planet, a post-apocalyptic take on survival amidst an irradiated world.

Gates tells Dread Central, “The teaser is cut from some test scenes we’ve shot, which feature towards the end of the first act. This was a great opportunity to get a feel for the world of the film, which is naturally very, very bleak. You could say it exists in the same sort of post apocalyptic world as The Zombie Diaries, but the threat to our characters is something quite different and remains under wraps at present.

To give you a feel of Desolation Planet, we’ve got our hands on an exclusive teaser, which you can see below.

After a catastrophic global event has ravaged the world, two survivors emerge from a fallout shelter deep beneath the earth. Radioactivity permeates the shattered landscape after the bombs were dropped and with nothing but their biohazard suits to prevent an agonizing death and no food or water, it becomes a nightmare race against time to locate other survivors. But as their journey progresses it becomes apparent that another threat has emerged into this new world, for something malevolent stalks the land when the sun goes down.



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