Spielberg Brainstorming Jurassic Sequel

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Just weeks ago star Sam Neill was pretty down on the idea of a fourth Jurassic Park film stating that he thinks that they’ve “told the story”. Well, apparently Steven Spielberg has other plans!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in addition to the impending launch of the television series “Terra Nova” on Fox in the fall, Spielberg has been meeting with screenwriter Mark Protosevich to kick around ideas for how to re-boot the Jurassic Park franchise.

Several years ago, the Oscar-winning director worked with Protosevich on a potential remake of Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy that was to star Will Smith. That film ran into rights problems and didn’t come to fruition, but Spielberg, who directed the first two Jurassic Park films and was an executive producer on the third, has since met twice with Protosevich to fashion a story for a potential fourth film in the franchise.

Both Universal, which released the trilogy, and Spielberg’s camp stress that no one has been engaged to write a script and that the discussions have been purely exploratory. But the idea is kind of a no-brainer.

Stay tuned and keep the faith.

Spielberg Brainstorming Jurrasic Sequel

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Shambling_in_Bandages

    Isn’t it about time someone hit upon the idea of exploiting the dinosaurs to solve world hunger?

    Feed dino-meat to the Africans. Or, y’know, just import live ones to the continent.

  • Vanvance1


    What will eventually happen is the same story, the same characters (3 or 4 different names) and the same craptastic f/x.

    What will be different? It’ll be in 3D! Whoopy.

    • YandereSama

      The films have always had some of the best CGI and animatronic dinosaur work.

      “Chew on this!”

      • MouthForWar

        Yeah, man, Stan Winston’s dinos are probably the best looking animatronic creatures in the history of cinema.

        • Sirand

          Some people just like trashing CGI for the hell of it, even when it’s used perfectly (like in Jurassic Park).

          • Vanvance1

            I remember when JP came out and I eagerly visited the theatre to watch some dinosaur inspired havok. It was a hugely dissapointing movie because the NON-ANIMATRONIC scenes didn’t work at all.

            None of the dinosaurs had a sense of mass or seemed to move or effect their environments in a realistic way.

            You may think the CGI was used perfectly. I think CGI has yet to reach a level where it will result in satisfying creature f/x.