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Fable Cry’s Upcoming Album is a Concept Album About Bootlegging Blood For Vampires



Nashville “theatrical-scamp-rock” band Fable Cry are hard at work on their third album, which is going to be a concept album that takes place during the 1930’s prohibition era. However, instead of smuggling alcohol, the story here is all about sneaking blood to an underground network of vampires!

The band explains, “We’re working on third full length album: a conceptual based in the post-prohibition 30’s, in a world where bootleggers have traded in their skills of smuggling alcohol, to smuggling blood and selling it to a secret underground network of Vampires. The story follows a young, would-be starlet, who’s attempted murder leads her to seek help from the members of the most infamous, blood-loving speakeasies known simply as “The Joint”. She soon finds that the leader among them has similar interests of revenge, and they must band together to give this killer what he deserves… Wrapped in mystery, seduction, greed, and gore, the tale asks: If you could pay the price, what would be so wrong with embracing your darker side?

The album is as-of-yet unnamed but has an anticipated release date of Spring 2018. The first taste of new music will come in October.

If you want to hear more of their music, head on over to Bandcamp.

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