The NAFFA Fest Forces Unite!

North American Fantastic Festival AllianceMontreal’s hallowed Fantasia Film Fest

Austin, TX’s Alamo Drafthouse’s Fantastic Fest

San Francisco, CA’s new Dead Channels Film Fest

On their own these three film celebrations are forces to be reckoned with, as are their creators. Mitch Davis, Tim League, Bruce Fletcher, and Dan Simpson are all respected names among the horror/exploitation/genre fest set as well as the archivists’ community. These amazing guys and their organizations have joined forces to galvanize the burgeoning genre festival communities and give filmmakers and fans easier access to each other with their newly founded North American Fantastic Festival Alliance.

The North American Fantastic Festival Alliance is a network designed to support the exhibition and distribution of excellent international fantastic filmmaking in North America. NAFFA can assist neophyte filmmakers to navigate the chaotic, and often overwhelming, film festival submission process by providing useful information and invaluable networking opportunities. Our website provides emerging and established imaginative artists with access to an Alliance of acclaimed festivals that actively support the discovery and promotion of challenging independent work.

To illustrate, this also means that indie filmmakers won’t have to pay submission fee after submission fee. That’s an expense that can really bite someone in the ass who has spent all his money and maxed out his credit cards to make a film in the first place.

Also, are you worried about paying theater prices and getting a DVD projected onto a big screen, which is far too often the case? If you are like me, then you crave the warmth and luminescence of real honest-to-god celluloid. Thankfully, the following statement speaks to the understanding of the discerning film geek: “NAFFA is comprised of professional North American festivals dedicated to presenting the best new independent and international fantasy, science fiction, horror, animation, exploitation, experimental and cult movies, as well as selected retrospective programs. Member festivals are committed to the aesthetics (and history) of 35mm and 16mm film presentations and will present film prints whenever possible. NAFFA festivals are run by people who like to have a good time in a movie theatre.

[Todd Browning’s FREAKS voice] One of us! One of us! One of us!

So filmmakers and fans, go hit the NAFFA site up and join. And if you are in Montreal, San Francisco, or Austin, get your asses to some screenings as well! Here’s the info…

Fantasia: July 5-23, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dead Channels: August 9-16, 2007, San Francisco, California, USA

Fantastic Fest: September 20-27, 2007, Austin, Texas, USA

The North American Fantastic Festival Alliance is also recognized by the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.

And keep your eyes peeled for the drop on the Dead Channels program schedule here in the news. If you are in the San Francisco Bay area in August, you are in for one helluva treat! Bloody, twisted, and all-out wierd … but a treat nonetheless!

Sean “The Butcher” Smithson

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