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Things Got Spooky FOR REAL During Last Night’s #Brainwaves Episode 55



Brainwaves Dark Waters

Last night on Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio, our guest was paranormal personality Dark Waters. From the get-go the night was weird. I ate dinner and became immediately ill. Was in the bathroom three times and was sweating profusely. At one point I was like, “Man, I hope I’m okay enough to do the show.” Thankfully, everything settled down in time.

Then I couldn’t get my broadcasting software to work. Something I’ve done dozens of times. It was nearly airtime, and I had to shut everything down and restart. During this time both my station manager, TJ, and co-host, Joe Knetter, couldn’t get Skype to work on their end no matter what they tried. Joe ended up finally getting on about 5 minutes into the show.

Finally we were off, and it was business as usual (except for Joe and Barkan’s obsession with knuckles, but that’s another story). At 9:05 pm Dark Waters came on, and we started discussing a multitude of things. You can check out the entire Episode 55 here. During the call Waters explained that sometimes when he’s talking with people on the phone, he can sense when it is time to stop. Some… things apparently can travel when spoken about. Sort of like when you pay too much attention to something that you shouldn’t, you end up fueling it even more. But the show went off smoothly, and we all had a good time.

During it, though, one of our listeners, Andrew Challand, tweeted, “Street light in front of my house just went out. RIP me. Bout to get eaten by dogman. I’m honestly a little creep’d out. The only reason that thing has ever gone out in 30 years is due to storms.” Last night his weather was clear.

After I wrapped up, I turned to Deb to get a reaction from her about the show as I always do. She said it was great, but… she thought she had seen “something” float by out of the corner of her eye. Here’s what happened in her words:

“So, the interview was wrapping up, and I was brushing my teeth, listening to the end of Dark Waters’ story about his tense – and intense – encounter with a group of dogmen. The hairs on my neck started standing up, and one of our cats – a black & white one (mostly white) – jumped up on the sink in front of me to drink some water from the faucet. Then, a few seconds later, just out of my peripheral vision, I could have sworn she walked by behind me. And then a white shape kind up floated up. I wasn’t super scared, just kind of like, “Whoa… that was fucking weird.”

We didn’t give it too much thought afterwards and chalked it up to being just residual spooky after listening to Waters spin some truly at times terrifying yarns. However, when I finally got to sleep, I ended up having nightmares the entire time. Nothing particularly scary, more on the side of finding myself in one really sad situation after the other. I woke up today restless and feeling very melancholy.

To top things off, I then got this text from Joe: “Hey man. Any weird shit happen to you last night? I saw shadows in my room and Sarah woke up with scratches all over her back.” I’ll let him further elaborate…

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, which is common for me,” said Joe. “I go through bouts of insomnia often. I was lying in bed around 3:00 AM or so trying to relax when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to the dark corner by my bedroom door and saw a shadow move from that corner to the wall next to me before disappearing. The shadows are things I’ve seen before when we lived in a house by a cemetery. I’ve also seen them at Waverly Hills when we spent the night there. I wasn’t going to share it with Sarah [French] but after she told me about the scratches I figured I had to. Which is why we asked you if anything weird happened. I didn’t expect you to say yes.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my back was on fire,” said French. “It was weird. I thought my shirt was irritating my skin. I took my shirt off and went back to sleep. it was about 3:00 AM. This morning I noticed scratches on my back. They are very painful. I certainly can’t explain it.

Sarah Scratches

It should be noted that Sarah took part in a ghost hunting pilot a few days before and captured some weird shit in photos (we can’t share them at the present time). We talked about the photos on the air, though, if you want to learn more.

I told our station manager, TJ, everything this morning, and he said, “Funny you say that… Last night out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move in the hallway.

And more listeners have come forward on social media…

Short version, woke power was out checked outside came in and EVERYTHING in the house was on. Door was wide open heard and saw trash fall.” – Jennifer Pearl on Twitter.

I was fine until a certain story [and] then I felt like I wasn’t alone, although no one else was here with me. It felt like something touched me on my shoulder more than once. I [too] had nightmares last night. A woman was chasing me through the woods [and] I woke up just as she got closer but kept having this dream.” – Tammy Miller on Twitter.

Could not sleep last night. Kept seeing stuff to the right of me in bed, out of the corner of my eye. No joke.” – David Hahn on Facebook.

Now I’m not saying that any of this, except for the scratches, is anything more than just us spooking ourselves. It could all very well be some weird coincidence and we’re playing a scary game of connect the dots. It does make you wonder, though. So tell us… anything happen to you while listening to this particular episode? Are we all just nuts?

Contact us @brainwavesradio on Twitter and Brainwaves on Facebook to let us know.

The jury is still out.

Brainwaves Dark Waters



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