Haunted Clown Motel Up for Sale

On Brainwaves last night Mr. Dark reported that the infamous Clown Motel located in the small town of Tonopah, Nevada, is officially up for sale. Can you think of a better way to spend your money?

The Clown Motel is just off Highway 95, about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno. The lobby of this hellish establishment is filled with hundreds of menacing clowns, and each and every room is clown-themed as well.

How much, you ask? Just $900,000. That’s like some sort of sick bargain, no?

If that’s not enough to chill your funny bone… The Clown Motel shares a lot with a cemetery full of gold miners who died from a plague. Sadly, said cemetery is NOT included so you’re just gonna have to wait longer to satisfy your lovable need to buy the dead.

Reddit users who have visited have been detailing accounts of their experiences there. Here’s one!

At one point early in the evening we were hearing strange sounds and what appeared to be someone screaming followed by popping and crunching noises. While in the bathroom my buddy decided to have a peek outside of the bathroom window. My buddy lets out a yell and busts out into the room and I’m like “what?!” He doesn’t say anything but goes right to his bag and gets his Smith and Wesson 357 out. I’m thinking “what the fuck” and I dig into my bag to get my Sig 232 out. He says we need to get the fuck out of there right now. I saw he was serious and that made me serious about it, we grabbed our shit for the most part (left a few clothes behind) and looked out the peep sight to make sure it was clear to our car. I threw my gun into my pocket, he put his in his waistband and we hauled ass to the car and got the hell out of there. On the ride away, I asked what he saw in the bathroom. He told me when he looked out the window there was this creepy-ass clown facing away from the window, pants at his ankles, making a weird motion. He told me the clown slowly turned 90 degrees to look at him, my friend said he looked down to see this clown fucking a full-sized dinner ham, when he looked up from the ham fucking the clown was smiling and waving at him.

Clown Motel

Clown Motel

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