2011 LA Film Festival: Trailer and Info on Dallas Hallam & Patrick Horvath’s Entrance

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Los Angeles Film Festival

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The 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival runs from June 16th-26th so expect coverage of the genre films that will be screening there over the coming days. First up is character-study-meets-horror-flick Entrance from directors Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath.

Entrance is centered upon Suzy (Suziey Block), a young woman in Los Angeles who can’t get comfortable in her own skin. She’s haunted by nostalgia, has no real friends, and finds herself wandering aimlessly through life in the city. Suzy now feels stuck, her part-time-turned-full-time job at a coffee house was never meant to be forever. With each day she finds it increasingly difficult to put on a smile for strangers while making their lattes. Her alienation begins to stretch into the deeper corners of her life. She comes to find herself unable to connect with anyone, let alone her roommate Karen, whose life Suzy wishes was her own.

Soon, what should be the simplest of everyday interactions twist and distort into the threatening. Suzy can’t shake the gnawing suspicion that a true menace grows just outside her field of vision. She falls hard out of love with the city, but it doesn’t want to let her go. When she scrambles to take control of her life, her anxiety rises to a fever pitch that boils over into a waking nightmare.

Entrance is about how the simple darkness on the edges of our lives can so easily give way to the naked horror of existence. The film explores the destructive nature of paranoia and the limits of perception. It is an intimate character study directed by Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath with a formalist restraint. The subtle performances throughout are buttressed by Suziey Block, whose fearless execution injects both terror and poise as Entrance climbs from spark to inferno. Be warned–-you may not sleep so well once you’ve experienced Entrance.

Entrance screens on the following dates (click here for more info and tickets):

Friday, June 24th 10:10pm
Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 11

Saturday, June 25th 4:00pm
Downtown Independent


2011 LA Film Festival: Trailer and Info on Dallas Hallam & Patrick Horvath's Entrance

2011 LA Film Festival: Trailer and Info on Dallas Hallam & Patrick Horvath's Entrance

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