Exclusive: Empire of the Sharks Trailer Welcomes You to a Waterworld Gone Mad with Sharks

Last year, Syfy and The Asylum introduced you to a post-apocalyptic future where the world is underwater and overrun by aquatic overlords and hyper-intelligent apex predators. This year, they’re taking us back to the future, but this time it’s a full-fledged Empire of the Sharks.

Writer-director Mark Atkins brings us this prequel to last year’s Planet of the Sharks about a submerged future earth where a ruthless warlord rules the seas with his army of super sharks and only a girl with the psychic power to communicate with the sharks stands in his way.

On a future earth where 98% of the surface is underwater, a warlord rules with an army of sharks.  When the daughter of a mysterious shark caller is captured by the warlord, her friends team up with a band of outlaws to set her free.  But for their rescue mission to succeed, the captive shark caller must marshal a supernatural ability and join her friends in battle, if they are to defeat the warlord and free her people from the Empire of the Sharks.

Atkins describes Empire as a stand-alone prequel to Planet of the Sharks with a new cast set in a different part of the world, though there are few Easter eggs for fans of the original.

So some characters like Brandon Auret’s “Barrick” have cameos from Planet of the Sharks, says Atkins, but the timeline is before that movie and the dynamic between the sharks and people is different, especially how the Warlord controls the sharks and how our heroes fight back against him. It’s a different story in the same world. It’s got more boats, more underwater action, bigger stunts, and some cool set pieces.

Empire of the Sharks surfaces on Syfy this Saturday night, August 5th, at 8/7 Central.

You’ve got to admit from looking at the trailer this looks far more imaginative and ambitious than the vast majority of Syfy’s schlocky shark flick gimmicks.

Empire of the Sharks

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