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Netflix Releases New Trailer for Serial Killer Series Mindhunter



Netflix has released a new official trailer for its investigative serial killer drama/thriller series “Mindhunter,” which you can see here. The video shows the combativeness that FBI agents have to suffer on the quest to study and document convicted and imprisoned serial killers, all while participating in educational programs to teach police officers their techniques.

The trailer is pretty damn dark and oppressive. Considering that David Fincher is an executive producer, I’m not surprised by the atmosphere that will pervade this show.

Based on Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas’s book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, the series will focus on two FBI agents who are tasked with interviewing serial killers so as to solve ongoing cases.

Jonathan Groff will be playing Holden Ford while Holt McCallany will be Bill Tench. Both are members of the FBI’s Behavioral Sciences Unit. Anna Torv and Cotter Smith also star.

“Mindhunter” is also executive produced by Charlize Theron, Josh Donen, and Ceán Chaffin. It arrives on Netflix on October 13th.




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