Dreadtime Stories: Day of the Wolf

Though most looking into the life of Craig Shaw Gardner, and specifically his extensive bibliography, would question his inclusion in Dreadtime Stories, meant as a showcase for horror authors, they would be asking the wrong question.

The right question is why aren’t more people giving this master wordslinger more attention? He’s written more amazing short horror stories than you’ve probably even thought of so not only does he earn a place in Dreadtime Stories, we could almost do a whole other series for his short horror work alone.

The story Craig picked to read for us is about something, unbeknownst to him at the time, very near and dear to my horror-loving heart: werewolves. But, like most things the man has written, you’ll never guess how this one ends.

Enjoy “Day of the Wolf” (it’s a lot longer than our first entry), and when you’re done, be sure to hit Craig Gardner’s official site to learn more about the man and his works!

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  • Johnny Butane

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