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If You Get Transmission: Fog of War, You’ll Help Support Military Vets



We at Dread Central are huge believers in helping out those who could use even a simple shoutout. And while we realize that peoples’ views regarding the military can be dicey but if we can put aside the politics for a moment, I think you’ll see that this is a story worth sharing.

Rob Vardaro, a vet who went through some serious hardships during his tour, has reached out to us to talk about his project Transmission: Fog of War. Fog of War is the prequel comic to a planned five-issue comic series and live action project entitled Transmission.

The horror/sci-fi comic book is produced by Vardaro with art by Richard Bonk (Image, DC) and written by Gerry Kissell (IDW’s Code Word: Geronimo), both of whom are also veterans. The cast features people who starred in or worked on Range 15.

50% of the proceeds will go to Military Warriors Support Foundation while the rest of the money, we’re told, will go to the artists, after expenses.

Pre-orders for the 32-page comic can be found here.

​A medical clinic and research lab, as well as a local village on a remote Pacific island, have gone missing. Concerns of a possible level 4 outbreak, has the Army sending a Special Forces team to escort a WHO doctor to the island, in order to assess the situation.

The nightmare the team discovers is far more horrifying than any contagion, and getting the information off the island is going to require the fight of their lives.

Follow Mac and his Spec Ops team, as they confront one most horrifying enemies they have ever come into contact with; mutated baboons of a very aggressive nature.

The team learns that some things are better left alone.



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