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#SDCC17: Ivan Reitman Wants Ghostbusters Crossover Films



Let’s be honest, okay? Last year’s Ghostbusters reboot/sequel/whatever it was failed to generate box office interest and was polarizing between critic and audience perceptions. In the end, the film was considered a flop. But that doesn’t mean that the Ghostbusters universe has to end. In fact, original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman thinks that there is potential greatness if the four women in last year’s entry teamed up with the remaining members of the original ghost busting quartet.

Talking at a Comic-Con panel, Reitman explains (per Den of Geek, “It was clear that a lot of people were disappointed that the original Ghostbusters—this world we worked very hard to set-up way back in 1984 didn’t seem to be part of this new movie. I really like the new women in the latest film, I think they’re great fun. I thought the film was really quite effective, but there was something of a loss where we didn’t pick up the history that we built up in the two earlier movies. And I thought it was strange, and I thought it was kind of odd that some of the actors from the first film that people had gotten to love so much, Venkman and Spengler, and Stanz and Winston, were not themselves in this film but were actually playing other roles.

That’s basically the premise of IDW’s Ghostbusters 101, which sees the original Ghostbusters as teachers for a new group of paranormal hunters. This new group is the four women that appeared in last year’s film.



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