Bigfoot Goes Primal

Bigfoot goes PrimalToday is the Fourth of July – the day we Americans celebrate the birth of our nation. What better day than today to report on another new movie starring our greatest improvable living American: Bigfoot?

How fitting is it that in this current period of time when tensions are high and the US isn’t the most popular nation around the world that Bigfoot itself has proven to be quite testy himself? Movie after movie in recent years has portrayed the big hairy one as being a little less than friendly. You get together with some of your friends and go camping in the woods, minding you own business, just enjoying nature, and then Sasquatch shows up and starts killing everyone. Bigfoot’s really a prick these days.

Bigfoot appears to be back in Primal, yet another motion picture where he’s none too happy with those that trespass in his forest.

Environmentalists on a survey mission are led astray into the uncharted regions of a secluded wilderness reserve. What they don’t realize is that they’ve wandered into the feeding grounds of a vicious predator…and once he’s gotten the taste of human blood, no one is safe.

Though nothing about Primal specifies that the “vicious predator” in question is Bigfoot, it’s rather hard to watch the trailer and not notice that the monster is positively Sasquatchian in nature. If it’s not a Bigfoot then it’s clearly a Bigfoot impersonator.

That trailer for Primal can be found on the newly refurbished website of Halcyon International Pictures. That’s all about Primal that can be found there. No cast or crew credits are listed and the movie doesn’t appear to have an IMDB listing yet. It’s a mystery just waiting to be solved. Just like Bigfoot.

God bless America!

The Foywonder

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