Marvel Zombies Vs. AOD Wrap Up

Click to see it full size!When we last saw Ash (in our write up of issues 2 and 3 of Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness), the “chosen one” was knee deep in a super hero zombie apocalypse. Every time an iconic ally seemed to present themselves, they quickly met their sticky end between the teeth of a fallen hero. Time is running out for this world, so it’s up to Ash to do what he does best; namely find the Necronomicon and send this Deadite plague back where it came from. Partnered up with Dazzler and Scarlet Witch (coincidentally two heroines sporting killer costume cleavage), the trio head to the last stronghold left standing in the nation of Latveria. For those reading who are not comic geeks, I’m speaking of a veritable fortress called Castle VonDoom, home of Doctor Doom himself.

Issue 4 kicks off with Ash staring down the laser powered gauntlets of an easily pissed off monarch and all around super villain, who just so happens to be the current owner of the Necronomicon. Think about it like this: you’ve got your obnoxious hero, Ash, who couldn’t shut up if his life depended on it and Dr. Doom, a man who is short on patience and long on revenge. Things don’t look good for the man with the chainsaw!

Ash finds himself scouring the castle for what the book that could save the planet as Dazzler and Scarlet Witch keep Doom occupied, but there are more pitfalls in this place than just doombots. There’s also one other problem; will the Necronomicon cooperate? I mean … it’s a book with teeth. Not exactly reader friendly (cue drum hit).

This issue is your standard MZ vs AOD fare with some excellent one liners and a face off you’d define as “classic” if there were a precedent for Ash facing off against Marvel Baddies. As always, it’s a great time and is burned through far too quickly! You’ll also find some story outside the perspective of Ash, which actually makes this particular issue indispensable for Marvel Zombies fans hoping to know the whole, gory tale.

Click to see it full size! Click to see it full size! Click to see it full size!

Issue 5 is the climax of this sick little play. Ash races through Castle VonDoom, hoping to find a way to stop the Marvel Zombie horde heading toward their location, but the odds aren’t in his favor. In the last issue, a quick chat with the Necronomicon revealed something that spelled doom (no pun intended) for the few survivors of this alternate earth. Ash seemingly has no cards left to play as the world crumbles in around him. This is the darkest issue of the lot, as it should be, but that doesn’t stop writer John Layman from pulling out a little killer comedy here and there. Watch the world go to hell with scenes ripped straight from the history of Marvel Comics, as originally re-zombified by Arthur Suydam and now woven directly into MZ vs AOD. It’s practically a homage of a homage!

The resolution to this story line is extremely satisfying and includes perfect moments where the worlds of Army of Darkness and Marvel Zombies run into each other at top speed, resulting in an all star mash up that you’ll find well planned and executed, I’m sure. Finally, in true AOD form, your provided with an ending deserving of our hero who you’ll remember, never really gets a break.

What more can I say? If you bought all 5 issues the second the last issue hits stores (on July 5th), you’d laugh your ass off all the way through and probably be finished within the hour. It’s just that good. Next up, look for Ash to return to a regular Army of Darkness series as Dynamite Entertainment presents “From the Ashes” this August. You know we’ll be all over it!

Click to see it full size! Click to see it full size!

Want a peek at how it all began? Check out our preview of issue 1 right here!


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