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The Coma Remaster Awakening Next Month



After being released on Steam all the way back in 2015, the South Korean horror game The Coma: Cutting Class will finally be hitting consoles in the form of an all new remastered version.

Not to be confused with the similarly themed White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, The Coma takes place in a haunted school filled with dark secrets. You play as a student named Youngho who finds himself trapped in the sinister educational institute late at night after he falls asleep studying, with the main objective being to try to find a way to escape. The remastered version goes by the name The Coma: Recut and will feature improved visuals, artwork and gameplay mechanics.

Digerati will be publishing The Coma: Recut on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next month. An announcement trailer was released on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, and with its release just around the corner, we should be seeing a whole lot more marketing in the near future.

The Coma: Recut – Korean survival horror coming soon to PC, PS4, and Xbox One
13 July, 2017 – You can run. You can hide. But you can’t escape from the absolutely killer news that Digerati and Devespresso Games are wide-awake excited to announce The Coma: Recut, a manhwa-styled Korean survival horror coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One next month (i.e. August – exact date still TBC).

The Coma: Recut – Announcement Trailer
You are Youngho, a hapless Korean student who, after drifting asleep during his final exam, wakes to find himself trapped in a twisted version of his school, Sehwa High. And he’s not alone. Relentlessly pursued by a psychotic killer, Youngho must evade his hunter while desperately searching for a way to escape the dread-filled corridors and classrooms.

A remastered version of indie cult classic The Coma: Cutting Class, the game has been rebalanced and ‘recut’ with new and updated animations, mechanics, cutscenes and art

Hide: Crouch in the darkness or cower in a closet to stay out of sight and evade the killer
Survive: Use your flashlight to search for useful items, but be warned – it can attract unwanted attention

Mystery: Discover notes and clues to uncover the twisted history of Sehwa High’s students and teachers

The cast of characters and creepy corridors of Sehwa High are brought to life in a hand-illustrated manhwa art style

Death: Beware the horrors lurking in the dark, lest you bleed out in some forgotten classroom…
Inspired by the real-world plight of Korea’s overworked high school students

Localized in the following languages: English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Turkish



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