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Investigation DiscoveryWhile Freddy, Jason and Michael are great, there is something about real life monsters that captures the imagination. The idea that there is something out there that is real and YOU could run into it, now that is scary (and awesome).

This Friday the 13th of May, you can get some real life scares as Investigation Discovery brings you a whole night filled with the scariest things you’ll hope you never run into. ID will start things off with the premiere of the documentary PIG FARM from 9-11 PM (ET), a chilling film that chronicles the life of Robert Pickton, Canada’s most prolific serial killer and the alleged murderer of as many as 49 women.

Then, from 11 PM-12 Midnight (ET), ID will encore AMERICAN OCCULT: BLOOD LUST, taking viewers into the sinister world of self-professed vampires and Satan worshippers. Closing out the night, ID will premiere LORE: DEADLY OBSESSION in a special ‘Midnight Madness’ showing on Saturday, May 14 from 12 Midnight-2 AM (ET). LORE tells the terrifying tale of Richard Trenton Chase, better known as the “Vampire of Sacramento,” a deranged monster who went on a bloody rampage that shook California’s state capital in the winter of 1978.

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“Lore” Promo Video

Behind the Scenes of “Lore”

You can check out more about Investigation Discovery and all of their shows on their official website.

From the Press Release
Premiering at 9 PM, PIG FARM delves into the life of farmer Robert Pickton during the years that women began going missing in Vancouver. Several former acquaintances and employees reveal on-camera that they kept key information hidden from police that could have changed the investigation’s course and perhaps spared the lives of more than two dozen victims. Their revelations, coupled with an audio recording of Pickton himself, paint a chilling portrait of life on the pig farm where the crimes were committed and, eventually, human remains were found. In 2007, Pickton was convicted of the murders of six women and is currently awaiting charges for 20 more.

Then, ‘Midnight Madness’ takes on a whole new meaning with the two-hour scripted docu drama, LORE: DEADLY OBSESSION at 12 AM, portraying the real reign of terror that elevated Richard Trenton Chase to the realm of lore and legend, leaving many to believe that a vampire-like creature was stalking the streets of Sacramento, California.

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