Lost Boys 4 Still Lost

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Horror fans waited years for a sequel to the much beloved film The Lost Boys. Finally it came, and we all wished we had just kept waiting. Things thankfully turned around slightly in the third film, and it did well enough to warrant a fourth. But … is it happening?

MovieWeb got Edgar Frog himself, Cory Feldman, to talk about it and the potential TV spin-off in a recent interview.

Lost Boys 4 Still LostNo, this is not a done deal. I have never said that. I have said that we are hoping that it happens,” says Feldman. “I would like to see it happen. And I have been working on some story ideas with writer Hans Rodionoff. We have been discussing where a future trilogy will go, if we were to implement that. Where a TV series might go, if we were to implement that. At this time, we have not been given the greenlight to move forward on any of those projects. What I can tell you is, what I learned as late as last week, actually, is that, in fact, we are in the black! Lost Boys: The Thirst was a profitable venture for Warner Bros. We did make our money back in full, meaning beyond the cost of promotion and publicity. We have met the mark. This was more successful than the first sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe. Which is a huge achievement as far as I’m concerned. Because I came on as an executive producer on a film that the predecessor was a bit lackluster all around. It was quite the challenge for me as an executive producer. I offered whatever creative input I could to help the process along. Hopefully, we delivered a film that fans really wanted to see as opposed to the predecessor, which was a film that I think more than a lot of people were disappointed by. I think we did that. We met our goals, and it made more money than any of us had expected. It was a success. With that said, there is great potential and hope that we will be making another one. But it certainly hasn’t been greenlit. The rumor that hit about a month ago was really just that. A rumor. There is no confirmation on that fact at this point.”

There you have it, kids. Hit up the link below for the entire interview. More soon!

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