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Ghosts of Shepherdstown ‘Staged’ Controversy – The Final Word



Ghosts of Shepherdstown

We weren’t going to address this story again, but it’s come to our attention that several sites have been throwing us under the proverbial bus for creating a controversy surrounding Nick Groff’s show “Ghosts of Shepherdstown.” We originally reported that a site – to which I’m not even going to bother myself with linking again because we’ll not be responsible for sending traffic their way – posted a story that was home to allegations of the show being faked and staged.

All we did was report on their story and gave our opinion on said allegations. Here’s a screencap of their original story:

original gos article - Ghosts of Shepherdstown 'Staged' Controversy - The Final Word

After we published our take on the allegations of fakery, the source we originally quoted went on to make several revisions to its article, thereby changing the language and in the process firmly throwing us under the aforementioned bus. Here’s a screencap of their revised article, which for all we know could have had several more revisions since we took the following image.

revised story 1 - Ghosts of Shepherdstown 'Staged' Controversy - The Final Word

If you need to see more of the original article, it is dissected here in this video for the better part of an hour before any revisions were made.

During this time the show’s host, Nick Groff, responded to the allegations himself. Of course we covered that as well as all sides of the story should be heard.

Since then, for the last week or so, the right to lambast us has been the subject of choice for several paranormal sites (whom we’re sure you’ve never heard of), who have done everything from personally attacking us to specifically referencing our follow-up article, then going on to cite what we wrote in the original story as us being the original source. It’s all quite funny… and truth be told… sad.

In some way us reporting on a story has actually become the story instead of the actual allegations regarding whether or not “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” is an authentic study of the paranormal. Here’s what we believe… it’s up to the viewer to decide what’s real and what’s fake. It’s up to the viewer to decide what’s fact and what’s just “good television.” We are here to present the facts as they come to light. If this past decade has taught us anything at all, it’s that truth has unfortunately been left behind in favor what’s in the eye of the beholder.

That being said… the following video is an exhaustingly thorough look at the show itself. There’s a LOT of compelling info in it, but then again, people will believe what they will.

As for us… at the end of the day we’ve given this entire debacle more coverage than it deserves. We’re done with this subject. As stated in a previous editor’s note: We will not use the originally reporting site as a source in the future and apologize for the error.

Season 2 of “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” airs Mondays on Destination America at 10 PM ET.

Ghosts of Shepherdstown - Ghosts of Shepherdstown 'Staged' Controversy - The Final Word







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