Red Concrete in the City

The streets will run red!!!I am amazed that out of all the reviews I’ve done for Dread Central, not a single one has been for a book. That probably is because I am, in fact, illiterate. Shhh … don’t tell anyone. I use a speech-to-text program to write all the articles. Speaking code out loud in the middle of my office is too sexy for words.

Anyway, we got word today from Darkness Springs author Cassandra Lee that a new book from her and several other scribes is on the way. Concrete Blood – Dark Tales of the City, which is available now right now at LuLu.com, contains “7 blood-soaked stories from the twisted imaginations of talented authors: Eric Enck, Troy Barnes, Jennifer L. Miller, Cassandra Lee, Jordan Bobe, and Dave Rex. Together, they offer a one way ticket to the city’s darkest secrets. Where fear and terror rule the glittering steel and the concrete runs with blood.

Seven tales for $12? That sounds like a steal. When you’re done with that one, head on over to our features and read some of Knetter’s Monthly Blood stories.

Kryten Syxx

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