July Will Be a Good Month to Get Eaten Alive on Home Video

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Mid-July is going to be a good time for DVD and Blu-ray releases featuring people getting eaten alive. Dinocroc and Supergator take time out between rounds to devour anyone in their path. Native American lycan legends go on the prowl in Maneater and Monster Wolf. Most importantly, the Australian Open Water-ish shark thriller The Reef finally surfaces on American shores.

The people chomping begins on July 12th when Anchor Bay releases the Roger Corman produced, Jim Wynorski directed, Syfy original creature feature Dinocroc vs. Supergator (review here). The late David Carradine makes one of his final appearances in this monstrous smackdown that sees genetically engineered reptilian rivals escaping their confines and chomping their way through a series of scientists, tourists, and bikini babes in Hawaii. The actors chew the scenery almost as much as the monsters.

E1 Entertainment will release Maneater to DVD on July 12th. Dean Cain stars as a former FBI profiler, now a sheriff of a small town and a single parent of a high school aged daughter, who begins to profile a series of unexplained murders only to learn that the monster he’s profiling may be himself. This chiller about carnivorous shape-shifting monsters was directed by actor turned director Michael Emanuel (“The Nine”), who co-wrote the script with John K. Anderson.

More Syfy monsterdom arrives on DVD July 19th with the arrival of Monster Wolf (review here), courtesy of Screen Media. Todor Chapkanov (Thor: Hammer of the Gods, Miami Magma) helms this monster-of-the-week about legendary Native American monster wolf with the ability to turn into lightning that puts the bite on a shady oil company gobbling up land in a small Louisiana town. Blade II‘s Leonor Varela is a lawyer working for a greedy oil exec (Robert Picardo of “Star Trek: Voyager”) who finds herself reunited with an old redneck boyfriend (Jason London, because if you’re watching a Syfy movie there’s always a 50/50 chance one of the London brothers will show up) to save themselves and everyone else from the angry wolf spirit creature.

Finally, on July 19th, most assuredly the most anticipated of the lot, Image Entertainment will provide us with the US DVD debut of Andrew Traucki’s The Reef (review here).

On the beautiful but dangerous waters of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, ship delivery man Luke and four friends chart a yacht to its new owner. Along the way, their ship is torn open by sharp rocks and begins to sink, leaving the passengers with a terrifying choice: stay on board with slim hope of rescue, or swim twelve miles to the nearest island… through shark-infested waters. When they enter the water, an unstoppable, relentless Great White immediately follows their trail for a white-knuckle chase that will fill the waters with blood! From the director of the acclaimed monster hit, Black Water, comes a pulse-pounding, visually stunning thriller that never lets go until the final, heart-stopping scream!

Damian Walshe-Howling, Gyton Grantley, Adrienne Pickering, and Zoe Naylor are the potential shark bait in this critically-acclaimed “based on a true story” nature gone amok thriller from Down Under. Read our UK DVD review of The Reef if you need further incentive to look forward to this one.

July Will Be a Good Month to Get Eaten Alive on Home Video

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