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Remember When Chucky Had a Presentation at the Horror Hall of Fame Awards?



In the early 90’s, Robert Englund (of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame) was the host of the Horror Hall of Fame Awards, an Oscars-esque award show that honored the horror genre the way it should be treated. It was a chance to recognize the people who worked so diligently to scare, frighten, and amaze us with their unique horror talents. Complete with fantastic production, guest presenters, and appearances of several actual horror characters in the crowd, the Horror Hall of Fame Awards was a truly wonderful way to honor horror with humor, light-heartedness, but obvious respect for the maligned genre. Alas, the show only ran for three years, from 1990 through 1992.

In its first year, there was a brief segment where none other than Chucky, who was there to promote Child’s Play 2, came to the stage to offer a short presentation on foreign horror, including titles such as The Lift and Amsterdamned. Chucky’s quips and jokes really help make this moment stand out and it’s rather amusing to see him in a tuxedo.

To give an idea of just how dated this segment is, that Horror Hall of Fame Awards ceremony offered sneak peeks of films like Jacob’s Ladder, Maniac Cop 2, and Graveyard Shift. How old do you feel right now? Because I’m feeling ancient!

Perhaps the coolest tidbit from that first year was when Arachnophobia won the Best Horror Film award, director Frank Marshall accepted it while a spider named “Big Bob” came down from the ceiling and actually picked up the statue before hoisting it back up! You can see it in the second video around the 90-minute mark.



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