Horror in Real Time

Today we received a heads up from a friend of the site, a writer by the name of Michael Kennedy, regarding a script he’s penned that’s currently being shopped among studios like Lionsgate, Dimension and a few other big names.

The script is called Chasing Fate, and although at first it sounds like your standard college kid stalk and slash, there’s a bit of a twist that makes it more interesting.

Four college kids on their way home for a long weekend stop at a random convenience store for refreshments, only to walk smack-dab into the middle of a murder by two madmen. Now they’re on the run from the killers, hoping that fate will get them out alive instead of making them statistics.

What’s the twist, you ask? Chasing Fate aims to be done 100% in real time, from start to finish, which seems to have worked pretty well for shows like “24” over the years. Not many, if arguably any, films have been able to pull it off, but I’m glad the next one to try it is straight-up horror.

We’ll keep you guys in the loop as Chasing Fate develops!

Johnny Butane

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