Leslie Vernon’s Hatchet Surprise

Hatchet (click for larger image)I cannot stress this enough … join the Hatchet Army, make sure the film makes it to a theatre near you and for God’s sake go see the damn thing! We hear the bitching all the time about PG-13 horror films and the endless supply of remakes Hollywood shoots out its ass, but none of that will change unless the genre fans start filling the seats and making a demand for quality flix!

On that note we are very pleased to tell you that two of the best underrated horror films in recent memory are joining forces to promote one another with a little help from Circuit City. Starting this week you can get a FREE Hatchet: First Look DVD when you purchase Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (review) at said electronics retailer. The DVD contains the theatrical teaser trailer and an exclusive interview with writer/director Adam Green that reveals clips from the film and behind the scenes footage. On a side note, if you buy the Behind the Mask DVD from Deep Discount DVD, you get a Leslie Vernon mask with it! So now you get to buy it twice!

For those who have not heard of Hatchet (review) I suggest you head on over to the archive and do some reading. Come September 7th we better be able to walk into any theatre and see cheering horror fans.

Kryten Syxx

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