Exclusive: Brooke Hogan Discusses Feature Film Debut- Sand Sharks

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Brooke Hogan is undoubtedly the most famous sports entertainment progeny in the world. The daughter of the immortal Hulk Hogan, Brooke has spent the last few years in front of the camera on two different reality shows and has made a name for herself as a singer as well. Now Hogan is taking on the acting world in her upcoming feature film debut, Sand Sharks.

Dread Central recently caught up with Hogan to talk about how she came on board the project, her character in the film and how she wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty when the cameras were rolling.

Exclusive: Brooke Hogan Discusses Feature Film Debut- Sand Sharks

Hogan said she had been contemplating the jump to the acting world for a few years before she signed on for the upcoming creature feature Sand Sharks. “I had met producer Stan Spry a few years ago and we talked about the possibility of us working on something together, but he just didn’t have anything for me at that time.

Then, a few months ago I get a call from him and he said he had the perfect part for me to audition for in a movie he was producing called Sand Sharks. I thought it sounded like a totally fun kind of movie- I mean, its sharks on sand so it’s kind of a scary but a funny premise too, so I just knew it sounded like a fun movie to kick off my acting career with.”

The up-and-coming actress went on to give us the low down on her Sand Sharks character Sandy Powers.

“My character in Sand Sharks is an ambitious marine biologist named Sandy whose father died from a shark attack,” explained Hogan. “Despite losing him to the sharks, she’s still not afraid of them because she sees them for what they are and knows what kind of powerful animals they are. She respects them but at the end of the day, if she has to protect herself from them, she’s not afraid to kill them either.”

“Sandy is the kind of girl who is always running around in a bikini and really doesn’t care what others think of her which is not too far off from my own personality so I knew I was going to have fun with the role. She was written as a very active character so I used a lot of real-world experiences while on set. My dad had put me in gun-shooting classes and I took self-defense classes so I used a lot of that in my scenes. Plus, it might surprise a lot of people that I’ve actually studied marine biology so I understood a lot of the science in the script too,” Hogan added.

The musician/actress said her enthusiasm for her work would sometimes come at a hefty price. “I was kind of a nightmare on Sand Sharks because I wanted to do all my own stunts since I love being active. Stan would try and be protective of me but when my mind’s made up, it’s hard to talk me out of it. The one thing I will say is that when you’re doing your own stunts on the beach, you pay a price. I must have fallen on my face in the sand at least 20 times while making Sand Sharks but I loved every minute of it.”

It’s safe to say that Sand Sharks has a home in the horror/sci-fi realm of movies, but Hogan talked about how there’s definitely a quirky and amusing side to the project, and for one scene in particular, she paid the price in the name of entertainment.

“Sand Sharks is definitely a sci-fi thriller because the sharks themselves are really creepy and scary looking but there are also a lot of comedy elements to the movie too,” said Hogan. “There was one scene in particular that ended up being hilarious because of Corin (Nemec, one of the film’s co-stars). His character always finds himself constantly distracted by beautiful women so he thought it was appropriate that the one scene where I’m leaning over the desk for a long period of time should be an extended butt shot of my rear end.”

“I totally wasn’t prepared for that so I was kind of mortified when they were shooting it and couldn’t believe that it had to be the one shot Corin had to direct in the entire movie. But now I think it’s just kind of funny and definitely shows what kind of characters we had on set every day,” Hogan added.

Now that Sand Sharks is currently in post-production, Hogan said she’s focused on continuing to establish herself as both an actress and as a musician. “I definitely want to continue acting- I was very spoiled by everyone on Sand Sharks so I think that’s part of why I’m anxious to do it all again. Of course, I’m still learning and making my way as an actress but you can only really learn by doing so hopefully I’ll be doing more projects with Stan down the road.”

“I’m also going to be heading to Nashville soon to start recording again as part of a new record deal so that’s pretty exciting. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden that horse so it will feel good to get back on it and flex my musical chops again,” Hogan added.

The one place you most likely won’t find Hogan again anytime soon is on your television set. She discussed how her reality show days are now far behind her.

“I had a few offers for a couple of different reality shows after my spin-off, including a few dating shows but honestly, I don’t really want to do that anymore. It was a blessing for a time for my family but I’ve really enjoyed acting so I’d like to still continue focusing on just that and my music for now,” said Hogan.

Our thanks to Brooke for taking the time to speak with Dread Central. Look for more on Sand Sharks soon!

Exclusive: Brooke Hogan Discusses Feature Film Debut- Sand Sharks

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    What’s with her face? I didn’t think she was 50? And I agree with Van.

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      She looks like she’s had a mustache wax in the first image!

      • DavidFullam

        Seriously, I figured she was a female Sasquatch who was either shaved or waxed.

        • PelusaMG

          I finally worked it out… she reminds me of this woman: http://youtu.be/Wh-vRmoaq3Y

          • Vanvance1


            She reminds me of the fact that too many people (emphasis on women) are ridculously in love with celebrity for it’s own sake.

            Anyone who has the time, desire and energy to follow the lives of women like this, Paris Hilton or the Jersey Shore idiots needs an intervention.

            We should not celebrate celebrity morons dipping their toes into our genre. We should collectively sigh and refuse to support the inevitably crappy end products.

          • PelusaMG

            Too true! In the UK a few years back a “Big Brother” contestant called Jade Goody became famous, simply for being stupid. Seriously… you should look up some of the dumb things she said – and none of it was an act, she really was THAT stupid. She made a mint out of her ‘celebrity’ status, before her stupidity finally destroyed her ‘empire’ when she made a racist comment during an appearance on “Celebrity BIg Brother”! She died a few years ago of cancer – but she was living proof that intelligence plays absolutely no part in becoming rich and famous!

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            I think there may be some relation there!

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    I’d like to think the average reader of DC is far too smart to be interested in talentless cunts who achieve success purely as a result of nepotism and (the lowest of the low) ‘reality’ tv.

    This article has topped 100% on my contempt-o-meter.

    • PelusaMG

      I skimmed past the article to read these comments… far more interesting!

      • Terminal

        Same here.
        “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”