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Poster for Dan Simpson's BornThe other day we gave you the first news on Born, a new film coming our way from the pen of Clive Barker, the producing chair of Guilermo Del Toro and the direction of Dan Simpson (read it here). More info came down the wire today, so we shall keep our promise of keeping you guys in the loop.

24 FPS got a look at the teaser poster for the film which, since it was just very recently announced, hasn’t actually started shooting yet, but the producers sure have the right idea of getting the marketing out there early. 24 FPS also got its hands on an official synopsis, which goes a little something like this:

Joe and Vanessa thought they had everything. They’ve settled in an idyllic English town that will be perfect for both raising their unborn child and for Joe to build his dream claymation workshop. From the local hospitality to the rich red molding clay found in the town quarry, it would seem they’ve settled in paradise. But something isn’t quite right. The locals are almost too friendly, and while using the clay Joe begins to have eerie visions of a young girl’s murder. Gradually, the story being told in his animation foreshadows the fate of Joe and Vanessa, leading to a terrifying conclusion.

All those talents involved (did I mention that the lovely Jennifer Connelly stars?) means this is one that will be staying high on our radar. Shooting on Born is supposed to go down this August in the UK; stay tuned for more!

Johnny Butane

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