Undead Motocross

Zombies Gone Whild team back... why?The new movie from the makers of Zombies Gone Wild, a horror/comedy that Kryten Syxx loved almost as much as I love Ulli Lommel movies…

Motocross Zombies From Hell!

“Motocross racer Cody is on the hottest winning streak of his career…a streak that threatens to unseat the undefeated riders of team Skullz. Little does Cody know that this team has an edge, they are Zombies! Cody and his tuner Tom and friend Lori get more than they bargained for when during the biggest motocross race of the season the Zombies and their un-dead manager Ivan target them for elimination of the deadliest kind. The race is on and Cody is in the lead… but not for long as he suffers a breakdown…taunted by the riders passing him by, Cody chases team Skullz through the desert canyons until he loses the racers in the rocks. Unsure of what he has seen, and half afraid of what he will find, Cody returns to the checkpoint for reinforcements, and with Tom and Lori by his side the three set out to find the riders and get some answers. Soon enough the friends uncover a deserted camp complete with human remains. The zombies appear and Cody and his friends fight thier way out but are closely followed until forced to barricade themselves in an abandoned house. Armed and ready to fight…its not over until the dawn breaks and the smoke clears…because until then, no one is sure who will live and who will die! In Motocross Zombies from Hell it takes more than a fast bike to win! It takes guts and a shotgun to survive!”

I must admit that sounds like a tremendous premise for a B-movie. However, I have read reviews of Zombie Gone Wild and … I’ll just put my fingers in crossed mode and hope for the best.

Westlake Entertainment is scheduled to release Motocross Zombies From Hell to DVD on October 23rd. At this time there is no website, no trailer, no box art, no production still, nothing to go on. I suspect that will change in the near future.

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