Bong, Petrified Trailers Hit

Evil BonI’ve talked about Charles Band’s newest brainstorm, Evil Bong, before, and now we’re getting our first taste of the possibly drug-induced horror comedy to come.

Need a refresher? An evil bong from the Sixties finds its way into the hands of some present day stoners. The evil bong’s original owner, played by Tommy Chong, either wants to get it back or destroy it; I’m not entirely sure which. From the looks of the trailer, it also involves strippers and cameo appearances by a variety of previous Band puppet creations such as the Gingerdead Man and one of the Demonic Toys.

The official website of Band’s Wizard Entertainment has just put up a teaser trailer that looks every bit as retarded as one would expect it to be. Leave it to Band to even find a way to cross-promote by having the strippers wearing some of those Monsterbras that he’s been hocking.

PetrifiedWill Evil Bong be a B-movie high or leave you with a major buzzkill? The site declares the world premiere is October 26th. I’d assume that means the DVD release date, but with Band you can never know for sure.

Personally, I’m more interested in Petrified, another upcoming Band directed feature, that, I know this will shock many of you to hear, does not involve some sort of puppet-sized monstrosity. Petrified deals with an ancient mummy that comes back to life and turns out to be a mummified alien. Naturally, it goes on a killing spree. Petrified‘s world premiere is scheduled for September 26th, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t actually looking forward to seeing it. The trailer for Petrified is also now posted on the Wizard Entertainment site and doesn’t look too bad if you ask me.

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