Exclusive: Dekker Talks Monster Squad Sequel!

Fred Dekker (on right) and friends at the Alamo Drafthouse screening of The Monster Squad)Recently I got the chance to talk to the one and only Fred Dekker, director of The Monster Squad (on DVD July 24th, pre-order it here) and Night of the Creeps (on DVD … eventually) about the history of the Squad, what it was like to finally be able to get a solid release for it together and what’s next for the man.

He did discuss the new horror film he’s been working on for a while but was hesitant to give any real details since it’s all up in the air right now, but one thing he did mention was the possibility of a Monster Squad sequel, though obviously the possibility of it would depend on all the fates lining up just right…

“At Monster Mania, I was sitting around with the Squad and we started talking about ‘where are these characters today?'” he told us. “I got really excited about it the more we talked about it; imagine Rudy as an auto mechanic in Detroit with a crumbling marriage and an alcohol problem, and he gets a phone call from his old pal Sean who tells him they gotta get back together. That’s a movie I would go see!”

As would any fan, of course! Keep in mind this was just a discussion between old friends and not a big-time Hollywood deal, but I’ve heard of stranger and less desirable things coming to fruition!

The full audio interview with Dekker will be oniline within the next few days so keep your eyeballs peeled!

Johnny Butane

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