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Freddy and Pinhead Combine in This Astonishing Hellraiser/Nightmare on Elm Street Glove!



When it comes to horror franchises where seemingly anything can happen because reality isn’t what it appears to be, both A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser are near the top. The former uses dreams/nightmares to create phantasmagoric death traps that defy all logic yet work perfectly within its confines. The latter accepts that Hell and Earth are parallel realms that often crossover, usually with horrifying results. But because we venture into the depths of despair, reality becomes an illusion as damned souls are doomed to suffer the most surreal and nightmarish tortures both imaginable AND unimaginable.

The prop company Nightmares Unlimited have found a way to marry those two franchises together in a piece that would be a prize for any collection! What they’ve done is take Freddy’s razor glove and acted as though it’s a tool of the Cenobites. Instead of razor knives, it now has four chains with hooks at the ends and it sports the designs of the Lament Configuration, from which it’s emerging.

The page writes:
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, in celebration of the Hellraiser 30th anniversary, the Hellbound Hell-Razor glove. A long time in the making, A lot of planning went into this mash up! Complete with Lament Configuration glove stand, everything you see was made in house. The box is mahogany with etched brass panels and the glove features a full brass armature, steel chains and hooks, and a full leather glove dyed mahogany with hand drawn woodgrain, black chain, and brass clasp and balls. I want to give a shout out to my girlfriend Julie for helping me etch the brass and suggesting this mash-up and a big thank you to Billy Effner of Engraveyard Studios for engraving the backplate and stalls and design help on the stalls!

You can see images of the glove below!




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