From Beyond “Art”

From Beyond DVD art (click to see it bigger!)Ugh. What the hell is that supposed to be? So many good pieces of art out there for From Beyond, so long we have waited for the Special Edition to finally hit DVD, and this is what we get? For shame, MGM; for shame.

Yes, it is the same basic art used for the soundtrack release, but I’ve always hated that as well. What about the fucking classic poster that everyone knows and loves? Anyway, the art showed up on Amazon, which means the disc is all ready for you to click here to pre-order through Evilshop because, no matter how bad the art, this is still the director’s cut of From Beyond that we’ve always wanted, so I guess we can’t complain too much.

No word on the final specs for it yet, but we’re keeping our eyeballs and pineal gland (yeah, ours work, what of it?) open, so you’ll know more when we do! From Beyond is out on DVD this September 11th.

Johnny Butane

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