Sony Takes Up Outpost

Sony has nabbed distro rights to Outpost!An ex-Marine is given a high-paying, supposedly low-risk job for himself and his crack team of specialists to infiltrate a disused bunker in a war-torn Eastern European country. What they find is anything but an easy job.

Variety has announced that Sony has nabbed the rights to the film described above, Outpost, for release in most English-speaking countries including the US. “Rome” star Ray Stevenson is in the lead on Outpost, the feature-length debut of director Steve Barker. No word on how they’ll get it out to the masses yet, but since it has to do with leftover experiments from World War II taking out their aggressions on today’s Marines, something tells me it won’t hit cineplexs anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong. I dig the plot description, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t sound like a Sci-Fi Channel original. A crack team of military experts, failed Nazi experiments, underground bunker location; all that’s missing is a starring role for Corin Nemic and we’d be there.

Of course I shall hold out hope that the film is better than all that; stay tuned to find out when we’ll know for sure!

Johnny Butane

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