Exclusive Update: Adam Green on Hatchet 3

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Since its announcement there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming sequel Hatchet 3. Loads of info has been popping up here and there regarding casting news, etc. So, as a means to get to the bottom of it, we went to the man himself …

Danielle Harris, Hatchet 3“I am not writing the script for Hatchet 3 right now as I am focused on Killer Pizza and another project that hasn’t even been announced yet,” says franchise creator Adam Green. “While I intend to see Danielle Harris’ “Marybeth” character return in the third installment, nothing is in stone yet, and the actual production is still a ways away as right now ArieScope is finishing Chillerama and working on other projects that need to wrap up first.

“Given what my next year or two looks like right now, I may just be producing Hatchet 3 as stated in our official press release, so who knows what direction this could all go in under a possibly different writer or director. I’m staying as open-minded as possible. Everything else you’re reading online is just excitement and enthusiasm for the next Hatchet film, which is terrific to see, but there are no accurate facts in it and there is nothing to report at this time.”

There you have it, kids! Stay tuned for more on Hatchet 3 as it comes.

Exclusive Update: Adam Green on Hatchet 3

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