*UPDATE* Predatorized Alien Fake

At least it looks cool.*Update*

Sources close to the project have confirmed that the picture to the right is nothing more than a very well done fan made concept.

Attention Fox …

Hire the person who created it IMMEDIATELY!


Oh … Alien Vs. Predator (review). We know it is a universally shitty film, but when you’ve been a huge fan of both franchises for several years and had many high hopes for the epic clash making it to the silver screen, there is a certain level of rage that developed when Paul W.S. Anderson pissed over everything. It is hard to wash away those memories, but we’ve found something today that may help.

While doing my daily rounds for news, I stopped by BlairWitch.de. They got their hands on some new models of the new Predator Xenomorph that may be used in AvP2, and it is looking pretty badass. The image to the right is just one of the three over there.

A closer inspection shows that a good portion of the Xenomorph’s body resembles that of the one found in Alien 3 but with a different head and added spikes on some areas like the shoulders and hip region. The Predator’s dreadlocks have made the transfer over along with the four-pronged mouth. Not a bad design, but we’ll have to wait until the end of the year to see if it all pans out.

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