See the 2nd Z•E•R•O in Secaucus!

Episode 2 of War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O (click for larger image) We just got word from our friends at FearWerx that the second episode of their online zombie series War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O will have its world premiere on Sunday, July 1, 2007 at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, New Jersey.

You may recall that Uncle Creepy reviewed the pilot (aka “Episode 0”) and commented that it “reeks with not only the putrid bodies of our dearly departed, but also with promise. The acting was very passable, the folks behind the project seem to have no problem tossing around the red stuff, and honestly the whole thing looks and feels quite a bit better than most low-budget indie-zombie fare.” (Click here for the full review.)

Episode 0 can now be seen on War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O‘s official site, where all subsequent episodes will air as well.

The story is set in the near future where members of the Zombie Emergency Response Operations team (Z•E•R•O) are charged with exterminating the living dead in isolated outbreaks. “We finally get to see how messy the job is,” says creator/executive producer Joe Sena. “The pilot introduced our four main characters, but this one’s for the gorehounds … there’s no shortage of the red stuff.

Joe will be in Secacus to introduce the show along with producer Melissa Rubin; cast members Don (Justin) Money, Andrew (Gellow) Roth, Sean (Jones) David, Dina (Tara) Cataldi, and Lynn (Dr. Orchid) Mastio-Rice; and guest star Devon Marie. You can also meet them at the FearWerx booth in the vendor area throughout the weekend, where you can pick up your own “Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit,” the item that started the whole Z•E•R•O concept back in 2005. I have one at home myself … you know, just in case!

For more details on the Weekend of Horrors, where you can also meet up with our own Johnny Butane, click here.

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