The Weeping Woman Teaser Trailer Hits the Web

Like most horror fans, we can be pretty cynical when it comes to our genre. We have to wade through a lot of swill to find the gems. But what I’ve seen come out about The Weeping Woman is leaving me with a lot of hope about newcomer Mark Steensland and his short, which stars Stephen “Evil Ed” Geoffreys (Fright Night) and DC alum Melisa Bostaph.

The teaser packs a lot of atmosphere without featuring a single frame of film, thanks to the incredible score from Fabio Frizzi (City of the Living Dead, Zombie, The Beyond), making a triumphant return to horror. Obviously, with a short weighing in at 7 mins, you can’t show much without giving away the goods.

If you’re a big fan of short films, especially horror, you should be really looking forward to checking this one out.

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The Weeping Woman Teaser Trailer Hits the Web

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