Horror at Splatter Beach

Splatter Beach on DVD!I’m so torn on this one. On the one hand, me likey gill-man movies! On the other hand, this gill-man movie was made by Mark & John Polonia, the brotherly duo whom I vowed to never watch a movie by again after subjecting myself to their previous films Peter Rottentail and Razorteeth, both of which ended up high on my list of worst direct-to-video movies of that year. I know I vowed never again but the drought of gill-man movies out there means I’ll give them one more chance. But I swear if they burn me again…

The new creature feature from the Polonia Brothers is Splatter Beach, a gore-soaked gill-man movie about a trio of out-of-towners that join up with a crowd of young people gathered on the beach for an all-weekend music marathon. Even after several townspeople are torn apart and devoured by humanoid creatures, the partygoers remain oblivious to the horror that has risen up from the sea, even dismissing a local girl as a weirdo after she tries to warn them that monsters prowl the beach and hundreds of buried egg sacks could hatch at any moment.

Camp Motion Pictures sent Fangoria the first news and cover art for Splatter Beach, a film that also marks Camp’s first in-house production. The Polonia Brothers’ production, for which fellow B-movie maven Brett Piper served as cinematographer, stars Erin Brown (the former Misty Mundae, most recently seen in the Masters of Horror episode “Sick Girl”), and features creatures courtesy of Matt Hundley (Mosquito), is set to be released to DVD later this year (October 9th being the unconfirmed release date). They have announced a suggest retail price of $19.98 and a list of DVD extras that indicates this disc will most definitely be loaded:

  • Audio commentary by the Polonia Brothers and co-star Ken VanSant
  • Polonia Brothers Entertainment Profile
  • Splatter Beach: Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Bonus Polonia Brothers feature film: Hallucinations
  • Interview with composer Jon McBride
  • “Surfin’ Cadaver” music video by Jon McBride
  • Camp Motion Pictures’ Young Filmmaker Profile on Anthony Polonia
  • Camp Motion Pictures Trailers
  • You can check out the splatter-filled trailer for Splatter Beach currently up on YouTube. I remain skeptical but hoping for the best.

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