Help The Devil Get His Fork!

Debbie and Lloyd need your help!We do our best here at Dread Central to embrace the indie film scene. The movies may be hit or miss, but you have to start somewhere. Those who are able to pick themselves up after bad reviews of their early efforts and continue to try to make something great usually get somewhere. Sometimes, however, it isn’t the critics that stop eager new filmmakers dead in their tracks … it’s the lack of funds.

Today we got word from Guerilla Entertainment informing us that their latest project called Devil’s Fork is in need of some financial support. Right now the producers are seeking charitable donations of any amount that are 100% tax deductible to fund their film.

Donating is not the only avenue producer/director Jeff Chitty is looking to pursue. According to Jeff, “We are not against an actual investor. We simply feel that it may be easier to find individuals who have some expendable income, could use a tax write-off and would like to get involved in a film production. We are not going to turn down any offers that will help get this film made.

So you know they need money, but what exactly will investors or charitable souls be funding? Devil’s Fork follows a married couple who are abducted by a pair of Darwinist drifters who force them to commit unspeakable acts to save each other’s lives. Mr. Chitty says this film is not only an ultra graphic and violent roller-coaster, but it will also try its hand at being a character study.

OK. It sounds interesting so far, and with beautiful horror hottie Debbie Rochon attached to the feature along with Troma’s Lloyd “The press has to pay me for a picture” Kaufman, this may just be another crowd pleaser like Die and Let Live(review).

If you are interested in helping Guerilla Entertainment, please visit their MySpace page and drop them a line.

Kryten Syxx

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