Getting Bloody with Tom Savini on the Set of Mary Doe

While Nick Nicolaou’s upcoming independent zombie effort Mary Doe is a bit on the confusing side in terms of how it’s all coming together, one thing is for certain … with the addition of the great Tom Savini, Nicolaou and company are certainly headed in the right direction!

“We have been developing the project for 2 years now and setting up a solid platform to move from,” Nicolaou told us earlier. “The development process has taken a long time, but we have not stopped the creative momentum that we established a while back. The scope and visual content of our project has gotten more ambitious. My company, Make-up Effects Group, has been a force behind all my projects, and we have brought together an amazing array of production art and design, make-up effects, miniature models and animatronic creatures that you would never find in an independent film of our budget level.”

Sound interesting? You bet it does. Over on the official Mary Doe blog Nicolaou shared some images with the man himself. Check out one below and hit up that link for the rest!

For more visit the official Mary Doe website and check out Mary Doe on Facebook.

A twelve-day trek across the desert and the insignificant form that is Mary Doe has exhausted all life within her. Rescued from death’s door, she finds herself abandoned with five men in a decommissioned government facility used for testing biological weapons.

Lost with no memory of who she is and no placement in this world, she finds no reason to want to win her freedom – to journey BACK FROM THE DEAD…

Isolation breeds paranoia – no one can hide from their demons forever. As Mary unravels her past, the world she has fallen into crumbles down around her. The MUTANTS have found their way into the bunker. She has to gather her strength and find a reason to want to live – to want to get out of this HOLE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

Mary Doe is a horror/thriller in the vein of films such as Alien, The Thing, Dawn of the Dead and Terminator.

Murder, Deception, Justice… A classic noir femme fatale story set in the world of the BANISHED and the UNDEAD!

Getting Bloody with Tom Savini on the Set of Mary Doe

Getting Bloody with Tom Savini on the Set of Mary Doe

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