Broken, Zombie Diaries to R2 DVD!

Broken DVD (click to see it bigger)UK-based Revolver Entertainment seems to be moving ahead of the pack in terms of its recent pick-ups for DVD release of both The Zombie Diaries and Adam Mason’s Broken for Region 2 release.

Broken is the story of a very sick serial killer, a man who captures women and puts them through a life-or-death ordeal which, if they survive, will prove them worthy of being his slave, living like a savage in the middle of the woods, cooking and cleaning for him and, of course, taking whatever form of abuse he wishes to dole out.

I first reviewed Broken a while back (read it here) and have been waiting for it to come out Stateside for years (apparently Dimension has its hands on it, believe it or not), but I guess it’s fitting that it hit in its home country of England first. Broken comes to Region 2 DVD on August 20th, 2007; click here to pre-order it through Evilshop!

The Zombie Diaries DVD (click to see it bigger)A week later, August 27th to be precise, will see the release of The Zombie Diaries, the badass-sounding indie zombie movie we first gave you the word on (and the trailer for) right here.

The film follows three groups of individuals as they struggle to stay alive when the dead wake up and start desiring our sweet, warm flesh: a documentary crew making a film about the virus, a husband and wife who pick up a hitchhiker on their way out of the frying pan and into the fire, and a group who take refuge in an old farm make up the whole of the film.

Be sure to read our interview with Zombie Diaries director Michael Bartlett and co-writer/director Kevin Gates right here to learn more; then click here to pre-order the Region 2 Zombie Diaries DVD through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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