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Make MySpace work for YOU!We’ve been waiting years for short film maker Frazer Lee to finally find the funds to get his ambitious project, Urbane, up and running. Meanwhile, Uli Lommel gets as much money as he needs to churn out terrible, terrible films. Something’s wrong with this world.

Anyway, MySpace (of all places) might just have what Frazer needs: He’s one of 12 finalists in the online community’s My Movie Mashup promotion, in which short filmmakers are asked to submit their films, which are then judged, and eventually one winner will get £1 million to make his/her first feature. How perfect is that?

Right now you can head over there to see Lee’s “On Edge”, which really is a great little film with Doug Bradley (who’s also set to star in Urbane) as a maniacal dentist. The biggest issue I’m having is that Sam Walker is also on the list of finalist, and his short film “Tea Break” is one of the highlights of the Small Gauge Trauma DVD (read my review here) … can’t they both win?

So what can you do? Watch the shorts, and then go back on June 26th, when there will be three finalists to choose from. The winner will get the money and see his or her film debut at Cannes 2008! No pressure there! Be sure to visit the official Urbane site to find out why you should care.

Johnny Butane

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