Ulli Crosses the Borderline

Uli Lommel's Borderline CultWhoever runs Lionsgate’s DVD department apparently has a special policy that requires the release of a new Ulli Lommel movie every month.

I’ve been writing about the uber prolific Lommel and his non-stop barrage of ultra low budget (and ultra shitty) horror movies that he’s been cranking out faster than bunnies fuck. It would actually be kind of comical if his films had some redeeming qualities to them, even if only in a so bad it’s funny sense. I consider myself a connoisseur of bad cinema, and after sitting through Diary of a Cannibal, I simply cannot conceive of ever sitting through another Lommel-lensed opus. There’s good bad, there’s bad bad, and then there’s Lommel bad: no budget, improvised dialogue, minimalistic storytelling, delusions of artistic grandeur, etc.

He’s at it again with Borderline Cult, his August DVD release via his enablers at Lionsgate. It’s another one of his loosely based on actual events deals, this time about a trio of serial killers that join forces in the Mexican border town of Juarez leading to the abduction, torture, and murder of hundreds of women. If you’re Eli Roth, that’s called a feel good movie.

Borderline Cult (what an awful title!) is set for DVD release on August 21st. According to Fangoria, who “scored” the first look at the artwork, Lommel will even provide a commentary track for this one. Aren’t we special? Thanks, Lionsgate!

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