Midway Locates Area 51

Blacksite: Area 51 (click for larger image)Let’s face it. Alien abduction? Anal probes? A convergence of overweight Star Trek fans dressed as Mr. Spock? Not pretty! Midway Games has released a peek at its upcoming sci-fi/horror shooter, Blacksite: Area 51, and as always we’ve got some goodies for you!

You play as Special Forces assassin Aeran Pierce, an Iraq war veteran, as he leads his Delta Force squad against a mysterious insurgency who have emerged from the concrete tombs of Area 51, which were thought to have been sealed off forever.

As you can well assume, all types of splattery mayhem ensue in this first person shooter! Judging from the demo that’s available on Xbox Live’s Marketplace for download, Midway’s not screwing around! The violence comes just the way that we like it — hot, heavy, and gooey!

Blacksite: Area 51 is set to ship to stores this September for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and personal computers. In the interim check out the screens below, and then pre-order the game from EVILSHOP!

Blacksite: Area 51 (click for larger image) Blacksite: Area 51 (click for larger image) Blacksite: Area 51 (click for larger image)

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Jon Condit